MAGIC Mainboard

Fully assembled and tested MAGIC mainboard.  Ships with standard Tagger Firmware and sound effects pre-installed.  User programmable settings for endless gameplay options. Free sound effects editor software. Includes optional headers for display and audio input.  Cables and external components are NOT included.

MilesTag AtlasIR Global Infrared Combat


The new MAGIC system is our latest generation Laser Tag Mainboard for 2017. Smaller size, faster, new features, expandable via firmware "personalities" that can be loaded by the user (Tagger, Referee, CommandIR, RC Drone, more). Just connect a standard micro USB cable, download the installer and reflash your MAGIC board.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Taggers; RC UAV/Drone Tag
  • Backward Compatible with CORE and UMT
  • Small Size 3.2" x 1" (81mm x 25mm)
  • Faster Processor + Co-processor
  • Software On/Off (no power/key switch required)
  • Auto power off saves battery
  • USB Micro port for firmware updates
  • Drop-in replacement (uMT/CORE emulation)
  • Custom boot display available
  • DIY and Commercial Applications
  • Larger 16x2 LCD Display (optional)
  • No more "chip swaps" for updates
  • New louder audio amplifier

Commercial customers welcome. Build taggers for personal use or start your own rental business. No license fees and free access to new personalities and firmware updates. The MAGIC mainboard can be installed in many existing commercial laser tag systems with only minor wiring changes. Replace your old/damaged mainboards. Upgrade your taggers for access to the latest features and compatibility with our line of field accessories (Domination, Grenades, Ammo/Medic Pickups, Flag Sations, etc).

Manufactured in USA.  We use a local contract manufacturer here in the Dayton, Ohio area.

MAGIC Mainboard
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