Game Box V4 Module

Assembled and tested Game Box electronic module. Fully programmable for Medic, Ammo, Armor or Flag "pickup" functions, Also use as a Respawn Station, Team Respawn, Hazard Emitter, etc. See user manual for full details. Compatible with most MilesTag, Hi-Tech and Adventure Sports lasertag systems.  

Updated Firmware (V4) allows compatibility with many older MilesTag-based lasertag systems.  Upgrade your taggers to the latest firmware to take advantage of full capabilities.  

Weapon Pickup Function!  Currently this function only works with MAGIC Pro and later MilesTag CORE based laser tag firmware.  Contact us for more information on compatibility.

Here are some videos to demonstrate wiring, operation and programming:


Does not include button, battery or cables. Made in USA.

Game Box V4 Module
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