Game Box V4 Module

Assembled and tested Game Box V4 electronic module. Fully programmable for Medic, Ammo, Armor or Flag "pickup" functions, Also use as a Respawn Station, Team Respawn, Hazard Emitter, etc. See user manual for full details. Compatible with most MilesTag, Hi-Tech and Adventure Sports lasertag systems.  

Updated Firmware (V4) allows compatibility with many older MilesTag-based lasertag systems.  Upgrade your taggers to the latest firmware to take advantage of full capabilities.  

NEW - Weapon Pickup Function!  Currently this function only works with new MilesTag CORE V5.6 and MilesTag CORE V8.0 firmware.  Contact us for more information on compatibility.  We can also re-flash your V3 Game Box with the new V4 firmware.

Here are some videos to demonstrate wiring, operation and programming:


Does not include button, battery or cables. Made in USA.

Game Box V4 Module
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